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Charlie Hume (born Charles Hume) is the managing

editor of The Los Angeles Tribune.

He was portrayed by Mason Adams.

Character biographyEdit

He is a careful man with a surface ease belied by two very sweaty palms. A good man, with a very nervous stomach.

He runs the Trib with a most sensitive ear cocked in the direction of "The Tower". He is painfully aware that he, his family, and all the trappings of success that surronds them are at the mercy of the publisher, Margaret Pynchon.

He is married to Marian (Peggy McKay), a patient woman who is active in their community of Palos Verde Estates, where they live. His daughter, Joanie (Laurette Spang) is at Stanford University and somehow confused his income with the Pentagon's budget. His son, Jayson (Michael Irving) thinks of himself as Evil Knievel's successor and the insurance premiums that Hume must pay out attests to this. They are counting on his living long enough to finish high school.